Manage site risk with commercial tree removal

Manage site risk with commercial tree removal.


Commercial tree removal is complex, dangerous, and requires a skilled and specialized team with proper equipment. How can you manage site risk with commercial tree removal? Here’s everything you need to know. 


What are the risks?

Falling branches pose a huge threat to your commercial property. If not tended to correctly, they could damage your site’s building, machinery, and/or employees. 


Removing vegetation or trees near or around power lines requires a professional and should not be removed by any public member. A fallen tree or branch on a powerline could cause:


  • Power outages 
  • Electrical shock
  • Damage to machinery or equipment


If you suspect a tree on your commercial property is unsafe, give us a call!  We will conduct a free risk assessment and remove the tree safely. 


A diseased or dead tree will soon become infested with pests such as ants, bees, wasps, and snakes. These unwelcome guests can spread indoors and to other trees throughout your commercial property. Professional tree removalists, like us, have the knowledge and skill to best deal with these infestations to keep your property risk-free.


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What needs to be assessed?

You need to be sure that you, your employees, your property, and the community will not be harmed during the tree removal. Start by carrying out a risk assessment.


Do some research and find out what species the tree is. You can often learn if this species is susceptible to falling branches. If so, clear the area using barricade tape and clear signs. Advise other workers to stay away from the tree to avoid being hit by falling branches. 


If you believe that your tree is unstable, decayed, or dead, advise your workers that it’s unsafe to climb or to be attached to in any way. Then call a professional tree removal specialist to assess the tree in more detail. We can manage site risk with commercial tree removal safely. 


How is it done?

The technique used to remove the tree from your commercial property will vary depending on the circumstances. Regardless of the technique used, all tree removal projects require your business to set up an exclusion zone. This is for the safety of your workers and community. A ‘spotter’ will stay inside the exclusion zone at all times to make sure that no one enters.


If the tree is stable, tree removalists can use a rope access system. Anchor points are nailed at the tree’s base, and removalists use harnesses and climbing spikes to climb up.  


The removalist then climbs the tree using the spikes and harness system. They cut parts of the tree using a chainsaw secured with a line and remove the branches with our crane. When the arborist is high enough, they will cut a notch in the trunk and let the top of the tree topple over.  



Why use a professional?

Removing a tree from your commercial property may seem simple enough, but it’s best left to the experts. Even a small pine tree can weigh over 2,000 pounds – that can cause severe damage if it falls on a building or a vehicle. 


Professional tree removalists have the skill, knowledge, and experience to remove trees safely. They are also insured and bonded for your peace of mind. 


Gray Brother’s Tree Service specializes in hazardous tree removal using our own cranes. This means we can get to trees that most other companies can’t, to remove them safely and efficiently. We also use those cranes to lift the trees over your property, protecting your building and landscaping. 

Are you in Macon or the Middle Georgia area? Need a low-cost, professional tree pruning service to maintain your commercial property? We’re here to help! Ask us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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