4 ways tree removal protects your property

 Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard – no matter what size, area, or place. But once that tree becomes sick or dies, it’s a whole ‘nother story.  Even healthy trees can pose a risk to your beloved house.

Just because that tree has been in your yard forever, doesn’t make it safe. And it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause some serious damage to your home or property one day. We’ve pulled together 4 ways tree removal protects your property.


It won’t damage your house

This might sound obvious, but removing that questionable tree keeps your home safe from damage.

An unstable tree is at risk of falling and crashing onto your house. In fact, 1 out of every 25 homes are damaged by trees in any given year. The cost of repair to your house could be astronomical – and that’s not including the price of hotel stays, replacement furniture, or landscaping.

And don’t forget about the things you can’t see – like tree roots blocking your pipes underground or lifting your foundations. They can even crawl their way onto your driveway, becoming a liability if someone were to trip over them. By removing the tree, you are saving yourself a lot of headache – and cash!



It keeps your gutters clear

Fall means the same thing every year – dead leaves. And where do most of these leaves end up? In your gutter, of course.

A build-up of debris in your gutters is a big fire risk, especially in the summer. Fire from your gutters could spread from your roof and into your home in no time.

Leaving rotting leaves in your gutters for long periods will also cause your gutters to rust. When organic matter like tree leaves builds up, it holds moisture. The damp leaves then eat through your metal gutters, causing them to rust. So be sure to remove any overhanging branches – or better yet, the entire tree altogether.


It removes dead branches

When a tree nears the end of its life, it will start shedding all its dying branches. While the odd twig or two won’t be too much hassle, the larger, heavier ones can cause some serious damage.

A large, dead branch could fall onto your house, destroying your roof, windows, or foundations. It could even fall onto your parked car or onto the vehicles of guests and neighbors.  

Worst of all, a heavy branch could drop onto a power line. Not only would that cause a power outage, but a fire as well. Imagine how upset your neighbors would be.

So remove that hazardous tree, and keep everyone on your street happy.


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It improves your home’s value

Although it might not seem important in the short term, tree removal can protect your investment for the future. It all comes down to curb appeal – when it comes to selling your home, looks matter.

A dead, dying, or just unattractive tree can turn potential buyers away. It also makes your yard look untidy or smaller than it actually is.

Open up your garden by removing that unsightly tree. You’ll find that your yard will look neater and more attractive. Just watch those high offers roll in!   


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