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When is the right time to prune my pine tree?

A Pine tree is a beautiful addition to any garden. They provide shade, smell amazing, and are low maintenance. Thankfully in Georgia, we’re lucky enough to have these trees in spades.

But if you want to keep your pine tree healthy, you’ll need to prune it – and in a way that won’t damage it or cause risk to yourself.

But the big question is, ‘when is the right time to prune your pine tree?’ Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re the experts in tree pruning, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Read on to learn the right time to prune your pine tree.

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When is the best time to prune my pine tree?

The safest time to prune your tree is during the dormant period, in late winter to early spring – or December through to March. Pruning your tree during this time allows it to recover as the warm weather arrives.

Pine trees are coniferous evergreens, meaning that they don’t re-grow like other trees and shrubs. So a good prune once a year will be all you need to keep your tree healthy and safe. Use this time to shape your tree, so it looks neat and tidy.

Pinching off the candles

But what if your pine tree is overtaking your small garden? There’s a simple solution for that.

From late spring to early summer, your pine tree will enter the ‘candle stage.’ This means new, thick shoots called ‘candles’ will grow at the ends of old branches.

Cut most of these candles off – or as veteran gardeners like to say, ‘pinch off the candles‘ – to stop your pine tree from growing out of control.


Should I prune the lower branches?

The short answer? Yes – if you want to.

Removing the lower branches of your pine tree isn’t necessary. But if you need access under the tree, there are ways to prune the lower limbs without damaging the tree.

The best time to prune those branches is in late winter. Use a hand saw that cuts on the pull stroke. Remember to clean the saw before each use with a rag dipped in denatured alcohol.

Make the cuts just outside the limb collar when pruning those bottom branches. The limb collar is the slight swelling where the branch emerges from the trunk.

When is the wrong time?

Unless your pine tree is posing a serious risk to you or your home, there are times when you should not prune them.

Avoid pruning your tree in early fall or late summer, during bark beetle season. These beetles will infect your pine tree and kill it within a matter of days.

Pruning your tree in the fall also doesn’t give it enough time to re-grow before the warmer weather sets in. In fact, colder weather will stunt your tree’s growth, making it much more susceptible to problems.

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