How to Get Your Trees Ready for Winter Weather

Winter months can pose a lot of challenges for the plants and trees in your yard. Cold weather and frozen ground can be detrimental to a tree’s growth and health. Trees in the wild have some advantages over the ones in your backyard. 

Trees in the forest have had leaves, debris, and branches fall all year long. This debris can act as a layer of insulation for the tree’s roots. It can help keep them from drying out or freezing. Windy days have also helped to naturally prune the tops of trees. This thins out branches and helps remove dead or dying limbs. 

Both of these naturally occurring aids for trees can be replicated in your own backyard with just a little bit of work. 

Mulch Your Trees

Mulch will provide insulation for your tree’s roots. A thick layer of mulch, around 3 inches, spread under the tree’s crown is ideal. This will keep the ground from freezing allowing your trees’ roots to still be able to absorb water. Wood chips are a great option to use for mulch. 

When you add mulch around your trees make sure you leave space around the actual trunk of the tree. If you pack the mulch close to the trunk it can actually cause too much moisture to be retained and can result in the tree trunk rotting. 

Prune Your Trees

Once your trees have shed their leaves it’s considered in a dormant state. In this dormancy is when you should have a certified arborist come and evaluate your trees for any disease or weaknesses. An arborist can identify limbs or branches that need to be pruned. 

Pruning at the right time can help your trees withstand the cold weather that’s coming. If you prune too early it will cause your trees to try to sprout which leaves them open to freezing. 

Watch Out for Winter Burn

In cold weather, the winds can be brutal. Even though most trees lose their leaves in the winter, the winds can still dehydrate your trees. Winter burn is when trees lose more water than they are able to take in. Evergreen trees are known to fall victim to winter burn.

Keeping the ground around trees insulated with mulch is a good step at preventing winter burn. If the roots freeze there is very little water able to be absorbed. Another option for trying to minimize winter burn is to wrap your trees- both the canopy and trunk. Even if the leaves and branches look like they are brown and dead there’s a chance that once the weather warms up some of the trees will be able to recover. 

Trust the Arborists at Gray Brothers Tree Service

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