What Counts as an Emergency Tree Removal?

The unexpected can happen at any time. A strong storm or even disease can cause your beautiful trees to become a hazard. You may not even realize the potential risk the trees on your property pose. 

It’s important to evaluate each of the trees on your property for its overall health and location. Regular trimming and pruning can help keep your trees in a better condition which can potentially help minimize the overall risk. But no matter how much maintenance and preparation you do there are still unexpected emergencies. 

Gray Brothers Tree Service is available 24/7 for all emergency tree removals, both residential and commercial, in Macon, GA, and the surrounding areas. 

Diseased and Sick Trees

Trees that are infected with pests, fungi, and viruses are not only a threat to your home and family’s safety but also to other trees on your property. A diseased tree can infect the trees in the surrounding area. 

And not only can it spread disease, but it’s also kinda ugly. Not the look you want for your yard. Diseases and pests can kill the tree from within. It might look like it’s still standing tall but the truth is it could be extremely weak, which puts your home at risk. 

Not sure if your tree is sick? Here are some common signs your trees might be in trouble:

  • Wilting
  • Brown and dying leaves and needles
  • Spots or blemishes on leaves or bark
  • Fuzzy-looking patches
  • Dead, dying, or dropping branches

If you have any trees on your property that you suspect are sick it’s important to deal with them immediately before something worse happens. 

Leaning trees

Leaning trees are at high risk of falling in a storm. Some trees do grow naturally at an angle. If a tree has been leaning from the beginning it’s not too concerning. But if a tree that was once growing straight starts to lean or there are signs of splitting it’s time to get it removed. 

You don’t want it to go down in a storm. It has the potential to damage your property or home or injure someone. If there are sudden changes in your trees they should be evaluated immediately.

Inclement Weather

One of the most common reasons trees fall is the weather. Hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, ice, and severe rain are all guilty of bringing down trees. Even if your trees are healthy and strong bad weather can still be detrimental.

The wind in hurricanes and tornados can easily uproot a mature, healthy tree. As storms seem to be getting more severe the risk associated with them also increases. Lighting can strike a tree, split branches, or even catch it on fire. Strong winds can catch under the canopy of the tree and pull it right out of the ground. 

Severe rain can also cause trees to be uprooted. When the ground becomes so saturated with water it will loosen the soil and can cause the tree to fall. Snow storms can weigh a tree down and snap branches and limbs. The ice that accumulates is heavy and can easily snap branches.

How to Handle an Emergency Tree Removal

The best thing you can do to deal with the aftermath of a fallen tree is to call the experts at Gray Brothers Tree Service. Whether your tree fell due to weather or disease, removing the damaged, fallen tree is a priority. 

Gray Brothers Tree Service is available 24/7 to handle any emergency tree removal in Macon and the surrounding areas. Their team of experts can get out and remove the fallen tree so you and your family can get back to normal.

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