3 Reasons to NOT Trim Your Trees This Fall

It’s fair to say that some trees may not look their best in fall. Leaves are starting to fall to the ground leaving a beautiful patchwork of oranges and yellows around the base. But with the leaves falling, the tree’s crown may not look as neat as you want. No matter what, it’s best not to try to clean them up. At least not now.  Trimming your trees in fall can be damaging to the tree’s overall health. 


Trees are more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections in the fall season. That time of year is marked by rains and with the dampness and moisture comes mold and disease. If you trim your trees in the fall, the trimming wounds heal more slowly providing a longer window for potential infection. Diseased trees can be brought back but it requires a lot of managing. It’s easier overall to wait to trim until winter when the risk of infection is lower. 

New Growth

When trees are trimmed it stimulates new growth. As new growth happens the sap levels within the tree itself increases. When winter’s freezing temperatures hit, the amount of sap inside can freeze and weaken the tree. 

The new buds and shoots that started growing as a result of trimming don’t have enough time to harden in preparation for winter. The cold temperatures can kill or damage any new growth that started. As a result, come spring time, the tree may need further pruning to remove the damage sustained from the winter temps.  


In fall the trees are not yet fully dormant; that occurs in winter. It’s best to wait until a tree reaches a dormant state before you start trimming. After all the leaves fall off it is easier to evaluate the health of your tree. Are there any damaged or dead spots that need trimming? Waiting till this dormant state also prevents new growth from occurring and the associated complications.

Exception to the Rule

The exception to trimming your trees in fall is if there is an obviously dead or dangerous branch or limb present. It is always a good idea to remove damage present on your trees. These points can further harm the tree or pose a safety risk to your home and property. 

If you’re trying to trim back damage or disease yourself, make sure you choose a sharp cutting tool and be sure to clean it well afterwards. If you’re removing a diseased branch, failing to clean the instrument could potentially spread the infection next time you use it. 

Call in the Experts at Gray Brothers Tree Service

If you need any of your trees evaluated for safety and health it’s best to call in an expert. If you’re in the Macon and Warner Robins area then you should call Gray Brothers Tree Service. 

With over 25 years of experience, Gray Brothers Tree Service can handle any emergency or just regular routine maintenance. We can evaluate your yard to see what needs to be done to keep your trees healthy and thriving.

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