Don’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your Home

Having gorgeous landscaping that complements and accentuates your home’s architecture is something that everyone wants. After all, your home should feel like a paradise, with a gorgeous yard to create a lovely, calming environment. However, if you plant something in the wrong place you could end up dealing with disasters and damage to your home rather than being able to enjoy it.

We at Gray Brothers Tree Service know all the wonders and benefits that come from planting trees in a space, but we also know that there are many things to consider. The most important factor to consider is proximity to your home. You should never plant a tree too close to the house.

Below we list FOUR reasons why you shouldn’t plant trees close to your house, or why you need to have a trusted tree service such as GBTS to provide tree removal for that tree that is planted too close to your house. We also will help you understand what other factors are important to consider when planning your dream yard.

Spreading Roots

When deciding what trees you should plant, it’s important to look at the tree’s root system. The size of tree roots is greatly determined by how big the tree planted will get over time. The root system of a tree is complex and depends on the type of tree you decide to plant. Some trees have aggressive root systems, while others have root systems that are not as likely to damage a home.

Trees with More Aggressive Roots

Some trees that need more space and should never be planted within 20 feet of a home include certain maple trees, willows, the white ash tree, poplar trees, the American Elm, and Oaks. While all beautiful, they can cause devastating foundation damage to your home and need to be plated away from your cement foundation, utility line, septic lines, and water pipes.

Trees that have shorter, compact roots

Not all trees develop roots that grow laterally and damage your home’s foundation. A small tree such as Crabapple Trees, Japanese Maples, and American Holly is able to be planted closer to your home than other trees. These trees are low maintenance and provide a beautifully decorative look to your yard, with the mature tree staying small. 

Twigs, Leaves, Branches, and Debris Pile Up

Middle Georgia has its fair share of treacherous winds, tornadoes, and extreme rains, all of which lead to a mess of a yard due to tree limbs, leaves, etc. falling. When trees are right next to your home, debris such as falling tree branches can pile up and accumulate on the roof or clog gutters and water pipes. The branches can also rub against the side of the home causing damage.

This can lead to siding damage or even structural damage to the roof. Having your trees planted far enough away from your home allows you to reduce the risk of debris falling onto your home.

Concrete Settling

When concrete settles, it poses the risk of cracking and shifting. With trees growing right next to the concrete, there is a greater risk for this to occur as the roots grow. This can cause the home or sidewalk to lose stability. Older homes are especially prone to see ceiling cracks and shifted support beams because of concrete settling. 

Choosing the right tree for your landscape can ensure that the value of your home does not decrease over time as the tree grows. 

Fallen Tree

Large, powerful storms can easily cause tree falls leading to potentially irreparable damages and injuries. Certain trees are even more likely to fall due to them attracting pests, which can lead to insect infestations, causing the tree to die. It is important to keep this in mind when figuring out the right landscaping option to go with for your yard and reduce the potential of a dangerous situation. 

How GBTS can help

If you already have a tree that is large and close to your home, you may need to have a tree removed to prevent damage to your home and persons. The best way to do this in the safest manner possible is by hiring a professional tree service such as Gray Brothers. 

At Gray Brothers Tree Service, we can provide tree services for Middle, GA  homes and commercial areas, including the Macon and Warner Robins area. We provide services such as tree removal or pruning, can deal with large trees, remove any tree stump or weak wood, and provide general tree care. We can help you prevent serious damage and significant problems from arising from trees planted too close to your home and help you protect your property. 

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