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Reasons to Hire a Tree Trimming Service

Trimming Trees Safely

Tree trimming can be dangerous work.  Tree branches are heavy and can fall unpredictably.  Fallen tree limbs can damage property and injure people, increasing your risk of hospital bills or legal fees.  Storms and decay can further increase the risk of broken branches.  Regular tree maintenance from a professional tree service company can help to prevent accidents.  Tree trimming is an important service which can help keep your neighborhood safe.

Gray Brothers Tree Service employs professional arborists who know how to remove dangerous trim limbs safely.  Our experts can spot problem branches and safely remove them.  This kind of regular maintenance can help prevent future damage.  We maintain professional tree service equipment such as ropes, pulleys, and cranes which help us to prune branches and safely lower them to the ground.  Our team of professional arborists are familiar with middle Georgia tree varieties and have safely trimmed countless branches around Macon.  With over 25 years of experience around Macon, Georgia, we can assure our customers that we know how to trim their trees safely.

Tree Health

Trimming is a service which keeps trees healthy.  Regular maintenance and pruning can help to prevent the spread of diseases from the branches of one tree to another.  Tree diseases can weaken or kill a tree.  They can also spread quickly from one tree to others, widening the problem.  A local tree service can help to prevent the spread of tree diseases with regular pruning.  Trees in middle Georgia often grow close enough together that their branches may intersect.  That proximity can accelerate the spread of tree diseases.  To minimize the damage of disease, you should hire a professional and local tree service with expertise in tree trimming.

The arborists at Gray Brothers know where and when to cut sick branches to minimize wounding the trunk of a tree.  Professional arborists know how to account for local insects, soil, and seasonal conditions which may negatively affect a tree if you prune it at the wrong time.  Anybody with a saw can cut a tree branch, but a professional knows how and when to prune branches without damaging a tree and potentially killing it.

Disease is not the only reason for regular tree trimming.  An overgrown tree canopy can become too heavy over time and strain the trunk of a tree.  Storms can be particularly dangerous to top-heavy trees.  Professional arborists can evaluate a tree and determine which branches they need to remove to strengthen the tree.  Gray Brothers Tree Service specializes in the tree varieties native to Macon, Georgia, and surrounding middle Georgia communities such as Warner Robins.  Our local knowledge informs our ability to select the right branches to trim to protect your trees.

Curb Appeal

Not many people like to look at an overgrown yard, and surely nobody wants to have one!  Weak and overgrown branches can take up too much space in your yard, crowding out a nice view.  Regular pruning can keep a yard looking tidy and healthy, adding to the value and enjoyment you get from your property.  A professional tree service can regularly evaluate your trees and maintain them to help your property stand out among your neighborhood.

Choose Gray Brothers Tree Service

A local, professional tree service has the knowledge and experience to prune your trees properly.  Gray Brothers Tree Service operates from Macon, Georgia, and services surrounding middle Georgia locations like Warner Robins.  Our arborists have trimmed countless trees and know how to put safety first while maintaining the health of your trees.  At Gray Brothers, we can assure any of our customers that our professional arborists can safely remove branches from your tree without damage.  We are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the number listed on our home page.  You can also request a free, no obligation quote.

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