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Middle Georgia Local Tree Services

We’ll tell you why to choose a local tree service

Local licensing

Like other businesses in Macon and around middle Georgia, Gray Brothers follows local licensing and regulatory requirements.  These requirements protect the safety of residents and of tree services.  Tree services from outside our community may not be as knowledgeable about local laws, or they may not be as careful to follow them.  The professionals at Gray Brothers Tree Service understand the local tree servicing laws.  Our team members understand and follow the current tree laws in middle Georgia.  With our knowledge, Gray Brothers can provide safe and legal services which leave our customers satisfied.  Our company is invested in our community, and we are committed to your satisfaction with our work.  By hiring Gray Brothers Tree Service, you can be sure that our tree professionals will complete your project safely and will follow all local laws and regulations.


Tree servicing can be dangerous work if it is not done properly.  Trees and their branches are heavy objects which can cause major damage to property and people. Accordingly, our professionals take precautions to protect a worksite from falling debris.  Over time, disease and storms can weaken trees, making them especially dangerous to everything and everyone around them.  Our employees are professional arborists who can assess potential risks at the scene of a project and take precautions to eliminate dangers.


In addition to understanding local tree laws, Gray Brothers Tree Service also is insured and bonded locally.  Our up-to-date insurance covers our local operations.  Other tree servicers may have insurance, but it may not always be recognized in our jurisdiction.  Gray Brothers has local insurance which covers all of middle Georgia from Macon, Georgia, through Warner Robins.

If there is ever a need to make an insurance claim, we can assure you that we have you covered.  The local authorities of middle Georgia have validated our insurance, which covers all our operations in the community.  Gray Brothers Tree Service works hard to take precautions that minimize the risk of needing to file an insurance claim.  You can ask our tree professionals to refer you to our liability and workman’s compensation insurance to verify current policy information.

Local knowledge

Gray Brothers employs trained arborists who are familiar with the trees commonly found in the area around Macon, Georgia.  Naturally, tree diversity can vary widely from region to region.  Tree services from more tropical climates like Florida or more temperate climates in the north may not be as familiar with the tree varieties around Macon, Georgia.  Our tree professionals have the proper certifications and years of experience with tree service specific to middle Georgia.  Our knowledge helps us understand how to approach and complete a job quickly, safely, and affordably.

Disaster readiness

Our team is ready in the event of a large disaster such as a tornado or a hurricane.  We can respond quickly to the needs of our community because our tree services are local to middle Georgia.  When Hurricane Irma hit Georgia in 2017, our team responded quickly to the needs of our community.  When these tragic events occur, tree servicers from far away may see it as an opportunity to charge high rates to customers needing immediate help.  At Gray Brothers, we believe in pricing that is fair to our community, and we will not take advantage of desperation for profit.

Regular maintenance

Gray Brothers Tree Service can regularly maintain the trees on your property because we are locally based.  With one short call and drive, we can be at your property to check in on the status of the trees on your property since our last visit.  By choosing a local tree service such as Gray Brothers, you can be assured that you are choosing arborists who are familiar with past work on your property and who know what may need to be done in the future.

By choosing Gray Brothers as your tree servicer, you are investing in your property, and we are building our community.  Our team members are your neighbors.  We know that improving your property through professional tree servicing is good for everyone here in middle Georgia.  The money that you spend with us will spread its roots throughout our community.

The best people for your tree project are the trained arborists familiar with your local area.  For over 25 years, Gray Brothers tree service has completed countless projects in middle Georgia from Macon to Warner Robins.  Representatives from Gray Brothers can reach middle Georgia customers quickly and assess their project with knowledge about the surrounding area.  We are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the number listed on our home page.  You can also request a free, no obligation quote.

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