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The danger of hidden stumps – stump removal services in Macon

How long has that tree stump been in your yard? Maybe you forgot it was even there. It doesn’t take up much space, and you hardly notice it. And honestly, what harm can a little tree stump do?

Well, a lot, if you don’t remove it.

That tree stump may seem harmless, but keeping it in your yard could cost you hefty maintenance and medical bills. Read on to learn the danger of hidden stumps, and stump removal services in Macon


It’s a liability risk

All stumps deteriorate eventually. This may sound like a good thing – if you leave the stump in your yard for long enough, it will break down until it’s almost unnoticeable. Problem solved, right?

Not quite. A hidden stump, covered in grass or leaves, can quite easily be tripped over causing injury. As a homeowner, you’re liable for any injuries that happen on your property. Which means you’ll have to cough up for big medical bills or damages.

Removing your stump, however small, will keep your guests out of harm’s way. And it’ll reduce your risk of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim to pay for a liability lawsuit.

Termites swarming on this decaying tree stump are a healthy part of nature, but homeowners must take steps to make sure they do not infest houses. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Linda Breazeale)

It decreases your curb appeal

It’s no secret – trees increase the value of your property. A beautiful, well-maintained tree in a neat yard won’t stay on the housing market for long. If you’re looking to sell, then you’ll want your yard looking its best.

Removing a dead or unsafe tree will preserve the property value, but only if the stump is removed as well. An unsightly stump will make your yard look messy and unappealing.

The longer the stump is left, the more it will decay. And the more rotted the stump becomes, the dirtier your yard will look.

Who wants to buy a home with a rotted, unkempt garden? Not many. Remove that stump and improve your curb appeal. Give us a call if you need some help.

Sidewalk, footpath, footway made of paving stones that came up because of tree roots in front of the tree trunk.

It could get infested

A stump of a recently cut down tree isn’t too much of a problem – the wood is still healthy and hasn’t begun to break down yet. But over time, the stump will start to decay. And that’s when the real problems start.

Rotting wood often releases moisture, which attracts pests and insects. The damp stump becomes the perfect breeding spot and food source for those unwanted critters. Once the bugs use up the stump, they will move on to other trees and plants in your yard. Before you know it, you have an infestation on your hands.

Choose our stump removal services in Macon to remove that stump for you.


It damages your pavement and walkways

It’s easy to assume that a tree stops growing after it’s cut down. After all, you can’t see any new sprouts or leaves. But that isn’t always the case – just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

A tree’s roots can continue to grow and spread even after it has been cut down – even if the stump is near the pavement. In fact, the roots will continue to expand beneath the soil, pushing up against your walkway.

This creates unsightly cracks in the pavement. Eventually, the roots will push the dirt beneath the walkway so much that it will break completely.

Not only will this look horrible, but it’s also a liability risk. So remove the stump and keep your pavement clear.


Are you in Macon or the surrounding areas? Looking for a stump removal service? We’re here to help! Ask us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.


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