5 Reasons to Prune Those Trees this Summer!

Summertime is here and everyone is working on that summer bod, right? While trying to get into last season’s bathing suit, don’t forget your trees need some attention too!

Most people think about pruning and trimming trees as a winter activity. Trees aren’t growing much. No flowers or fruit. Easy to see which branches need to be cut back. And yes, major tree pruning should be done in the winter months, but there are still steps that every yard owner should take to make sure their trees stay thriving, especially in the Georgia heat. 

Minor tree pruning can be done in the summer, but you never want to remove more than 25% of the greenery. Here are our top 5 reasons you should prune this summer.

Remove dead and damaged limbs

After a whole year of growth and surviving the elements, it’s not uncommon for your trees to have damage or dead branches. We all know that summertime storms in Central Georgia can get bad- from afternoon thunderstorms to tornadoes. If dead or damaged tree limbs aren’t removed or cut back, they can be a danger to your home and property. Removing these limbs as soon as you notice them is a great way to preserve your tree’s health and guarantee a storm isn’t going to bring that branch down. It is a lot easier (and cheaper) to prune a tree than it is to have the tree removed completely. 

Pest Control

Pests are a never-ending struggle for your plants and trees. Pruning your trees and shrubs in the summertime allows you to do a visual check of limbs to see if there are any pests that need to be dealt with. Removing branches with insects like aphids or mites will help protect the tree and the surrounding ones from further damage. Make sure these infected branches are thrown out. 

Healthy growth 

If trees or shrubs are overly full with growth, pruning certain branches can help ensure your trees get the nutrients they need. Once a plant is thinned out (remember not to prune more than 25% of the green), sunlight can reach all of the branches and the overall health of the plant improves. Pruning limbs back can also create a more manageable height and overall size for your trees.

Create stronger, sturdier tree branches

Summer is the perfect time to cut back those new, weak growths. If new offshoots are pruned then the nutrients they were taking can now go into the older growth. This makes sure that branches are sturdy and strong. Cutting back branches and limbs also allow for better airflow around the trunk, which leads to healthier, happier trees. 

Increase tree productivity 

Now this one is more for fruit trees. During the summer months, pruning can help lead to more blossoms the following spring. After pruning, the tree isn’t so heavy and dense which means there are more nutrients, sunlight, and airflow to go around. Strong branches are important to fruit trees. They have to be able to support the weight of the ripe fruit. Plus fruit just tastes sweeter after it’s been allowed to ripen in the sun. 


Most of your extensive pruning should still be done in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected in the summer. Staying on top of your tree’s health can save you time and money in the long run. If you would like help figuring out what needs to be pruned or removed in your yard, contact Gray Brothers Tree Service today to talk with one of our specialists. 

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